Typography and Word Balloons

A lot of people make webcomics because they have a background and a love of drawing, but very few have any actual design background or experience. Normally this really wouldn’t matter, but it tends to make the most pronounced and noticeable impact when it comes to computer lettering.

Some cartoonist do letter by hand, and it’s a wonderful look that I wish I had the patience and capability to pull off.

But I don’t.

And by the looks of things, neither do most online cartoonists. When I look around I see that a vast vast majority of cartoonists choose to letter their comics digitally. And why not? It’s faster, cleaner and infinitely easier to edit.

But in the world of online comics, typography seems to be the single most neglected topic. There are quite a few beautiful and artistically lettered comics online, but they seem to be a minority. Typography should be a larger and more frequent part of the discussion of making comics. It should be right up there with coloring and storytelling.

So I made up a basic typography and word balloon tutorial to help people out and maybe get the conversation going.

Take this. Use this. Share this. Hopefully it will help some people.


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